It is one thing to get a judgment against a debtor in Florida. It is quite another to for a Florida debtor to voluntarily pay merely because a judgment has been entered against them. With approximately 80% of civil judgments remaining unpaid or uncollected in the United States, a lawyer with knowledge, experience, and creativity can be instrumental in successfully collecting a judgment. At Wagner Law Group, PLLC, we continue to represent clients who want to be in the 20% that successfully collect their judgments.

Once a judgment has been entered, Florida law places the burden of enforcing a Judgment squarely on the winner, the judgment creditor. Thankfully, there are a multitude of strategies to “force” the judgment debtor’s hand to pay. The key is employing an array of judgment enforcement tools and methods to develop a customized and well-tailored judgment enforcement plan to collect your debt. We utilize the most modern technology that enables us to find debtor assets and have relationships with some of the finest investigators in the business helping us collect your debt on your civil judgment.

Once we obtain the necessary information on your debtor’s finances, we employ various methods to seize, attach and/or garnish the assets, to satisfy your judgment. We also work quickly- in some cases we can locate debtor assets within days of taking the case.

Our methods include:

  • Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments;
  • Real Estate & Personal Property liens, levies, & sales;
  • Combatting fraudulent transfers and fraudulent bankruptcies;
  • Use of subpoenas to trace transactions through various accounts where debtor may be hiding money, in their own name or the name of other;
  • Corporate “veil piercing” to go through the corporation to the individual behind the corporation, when the debtor is attempting to hide behind illegitimate corporate entities;
  • Pursuit of third parties (such as family members, business partners) who the debtor is using to hold property, and/or conceal property, to avoid creditors.

We offer highly skilled and experienced attorneys capable of providing exceptional representation in virtually any post-judgment matter. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (855) WLG-PLLC, or email

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